1895 Census of Germans in Pehuajo, Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Name Birth Year
Agustin Coller1850
Ana Seber1871
Antonia Ranseahe1864
Berta De Diemer1862
Carlos Ranseahe1884
Carlos Sleience1857
Catalina De Gaute1872
Catalina Sich1868
Clotilde Pecheur1863
Constancio Fix1882
Elena Effler1857
Guillemo Urstef1845
Guillermo Urstef1846
Gustavo Ridter1857
Jacobo Zulukev1855
Jorge Tellier1872
Juan Sich1865
Juana Zulukev1880
Lafrenz Putea1866
Luisa Fix1884
Magdalena Furge1835
Margarita De Huberty1842
Margarita De Zulukev1846
Margarita Junqueza1873
Maria Boglunau1866
Maria Fix1878
Maria Pullion1872
Maximo Sich1862
Miguel Brehot1855
Nicolas Alvarez1847
Nicolas Hubertij1877
Ricardo Diemer1853

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