1895 Census of Germans in Las Conchas, Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Name Birth Year
Alba Voss1823
Albruios Fischer1857
Alvina Fischer1857
Ana Gamba1865
Ana Hiedel1862
Ana Trent1865
Andres Carrif1859
Bernardo Hammere1862
Canrado Maier1838
Carlos (Hijo) Heitmann1868
Carlos Ebbinharro1871
Carlos Gup1876
Carlos Heisinger1867
Carlos Heitmann1840
Carlos Morriniau1863
Carlos Pfluger1877
Cristian Rasmussen1870
Dora Gamba1890
Dora Gamba1890
Eirman Gamba1885
Eirman Gamba1885
Elizabel Sophia Evers1852
Emilio Gamba1860
Emilio Gamba1860
Enrique Delur1861
Enrique Feman1840
Enrique Mahl1857
Enrique Pfluger1875
Enrrique Schneider1864
Enrrique Schneider1864
Enrrique Voigt1853
Enrrique Voigt1853
Ernesto Schroter1849
Ernesto Voss1869
Federico Reular1854
Federico Senquel1869
Federico Vellerman1865
Federico Zurfluta1888
Felipe Harjes1872
Felipina Heitmann1839
Fernanda Heitmann1870
Fernandez Buebt1858
Fracisco Pilatz1846
Francisco Bianshi1869
Francisco Richley1858
Friderica Aechtermann1841
Gertrudis Heisinger1866
Gillemo Auer1861
Gorge Cristsoke1842
Guillermina Schoth1844
Guillermo Sulee1859
Gustav Voss1862
Jederico Geuse1851
Jose Miller1847
Josefina Molino1858
Juan Aorn1875
Juan Keohler1864
Juan Koehler1864
Juan Rorn1875
Juan Weismana1864
Juan Weissman1864
Juana Faibar1866
Juana Jraibar1866
Julio Rechidardit1858
Luis Barrenieski1850
Luisa Buchamann1864
Luisa Hofstetter1865
Luisa Pilatz1880
Luisa Strupler1868
Maria Horjes1870
Maria Patiels1859
Maximo Schurig1874
Meno Jarmen1876
Minna Richley1854
Oto Laderrus1861
Pable (Pable) Fisckers1822
Pablo Harold1858
Paulo (Hijo) Fickers1858
Pedro Funks1865
Roberto Ehstein1866
Roberto Vuepp1862
Santiago Glotti1867
Sophia Krase1830
Teodora Tomsen1870
Teresa Latz1869

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